Two New Awards!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Now will you look at that? I've received two new awards from two of my favorite bloggers and readers :)

Thanks a lot, Wanny and Bob for nominating me for both awards. I feel sincerely honored :) 

Oh Stop It, You Rageface

Guys, go check them out! :D

The rules for these awards are relatively simple.

1. Post the award image on your blog. (The two first ones. Ignore the rageface ahaha) 
2.Thank the person who nominated you.
3. Award 10 other bloggers.

IT'S THAT SIMPLE! (but lemme say a few words before I tag people ahaha)

So I've only been blogging actively and regularly for a month now (though this blog has been in existence since 2008), and already I've met some really nice bloggers, made some rather interesting friends and have a whole lot of diverse readers. You guys have no idea how humbling it is to be starting from scratch and to receive appreciation, even in the simple forms of these tag awards :)

There are people out there who don't think much about tags like these, but when you come to think of it, when you're blogging in an isolated space, especially on interests that might not be entirely popular with the majority of bloggers that seem to be flocking the net, it's tags and awards like these that allow for simple networking of independent bloggers out there. In that sense, it's almost like we're building our own community, aren't we? LOL. I might be thinking too much into this, but I guess all I'm trying to say is I'm happy I came up in your thoughts when you guys thought of nominating blogs ahaha :P

And before I knew it, I'm here with 10,000 page views ahaha. I plan on doing something special for my readers soon so watch out for that ;)

And now I shall nominate 10 more and cross my fingers that the people I've nominated haven't already received these awards ahaha.

As these are essentially two separate image blogs, I'm gonna go with Wanny and Bob and encourage the people to choose which award blog image they'd like to post, or hey, you could always choose both :P

So here! (I'm lacking one, so if you want your link up here, just drop me a beat in the comments and I'll tag you!)

This could be you!

Spread the love guys! :)

Ada, signing out :D
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y u k u . said...

Aww! *__*
Thanks! And: I totally understand your humbeling when you got tagged...

I feel the same everytime anew too! Really honored even though everyone could start that tag-games or award-thingy... hihi.

Just a question: Should I post THAT awkward picture or should I post A awkward picture.. ? (;

Ada Agupitan said...

the award pictures are the two first pictures :P The last one I just added because I wanted to ahaha. You can choose either of the TWO FIRST ones. lol Sorry for the confusion Yuku D:

Daydreaming Teacup said...

I love that meme, and how you used it for this post xD Thank you for the award ♥ and also congratulations on receiving them!

Ada Agupitan said...

Haha no prob. I've always been a rageface meme type of girl :P

♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

love the meme :)) i feel u bro~ lolz me too when i get an award like this one from u i feel so happy that someone out there thinks that my blog is worth mentioning *tears of joy* Congratulations on the views, awards, and 1 month actively blogging, continue to be awesome mmuuuwahhh! thank you for tagging me xoxo

Ada Agupitan said...

No prob! :D Thanks rin for commenting on a lot of my posts ahaha natutuwa ako pag may nagcocomment eh. #shallowjoys

Caro said...

thanks for tagging me i appreciate it so much :3

Ada Agupitan said...

No problem! Thanks for doing the tag as well! :D

carolina said...

hi ada! thanks for your lovely comment in my blog! i'm following back :)


Ada Agupitan said...

Thanks Carolina! :)

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