Hair Story: Floral Spiral; Dutch Lace Braid

Monday, January 07, 2013

Whoo~! Hey guys! It's been a while since my last hair story segment. I was hoping to follow it up with a bang of beautifully intricate hairstyles shot at reasonably artistic angles, but unfortunately, the mirror available refused to cooperate.

That being said, that's not stopping me from sharing one of my fave formal up-do's that I've regularly been wearing to special occasions. It's something I tried doing after I learned how to Dutch lace braid properly. It was actually an experiment as to whether or not I could properly maneuver a Dutch lace braid (only adding hair to one side of the braid) into a spiral or something similar. The result was surprisingly regal.

Dutch Lace Braid, Flower Spiral Braided Hair Style

Needless to say, this was not exactly a fun time to do, considering I did this blindly (no mirrors) just by feeling for strands to incorporate into the braid and going through back-breaking proportions to steer the braid into a somewhat spiral conformation and eventually in a bun. The result itself was satisfactory, but I needed bobby pins to hold the braided bun flat. But because my bobby pins have seemingly ventured off into the world of the unknown, the only other pins I had left to secure the bun were these floral clips. They actually add quite a girly effect if you ask me :P

Below is a close-up of the actual braid. The lighting is horrible and the mirror is old, grainy and stained. Let's just pretend it's an antique filter okay? haha. My hands are still quite unskilled when it comes to doing braids on my own hair because I can't exactly see what I'm doing behind my head, but I'm pretty much set for braiding other people's hair haha. It's somewhat of a hobby for me. Also, I neglected to dampen my hair prior to trying this braid, hence all the unsightly fly-aways. Sorreh D:

Dutch Lace Braid, Flower Spiral Braided Hair Style

Out of frustration, I eventually tried getting a picture of the hairstyle by stretching my hand as far back as it could go. I managed to snag a closeup of the bun and the flowers used to hold it together. If you're wondering why the flowers are on mirrored in the following picture, you basically answered your own query. Physics, people, physics. LOL.

You can't exactly tell from the picture but the bun is also a braid. I bet this hairstyle would look gorgeous on lighter more textured hair. If only I had a blonde Caucasian friend to try it on... *coughKirstencough*. Despite the boring-ness of my hair color, I still got lots of compliments on my hair that day and it lasted surprisingly long! Six hours to be exact.

Dutch Lace Braid, Flower Spiral Braided Hair Style

Looking at it now, I'd probably want a similar hairstyle on my wedding, except probably in a French lace braid, not Dutch, just to be subtle.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Feel free to request hairstyles and/or tutorials. I was too lazy to film how I did this, plus it was honestly experimental, but if anyone's curious, I might actually get the motivation to film a proper video LOL.

Ada, signing out!
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wan winkle said...

so beayful ❤ and looks exceptional with the roses

Armel Madsen said...

you're really such a kikay, which i really like. yes, i do believe this hairstyle would be perfect for your wedding. french? dutch? i really can't tell. haha!

have a good day :)

Ada Agupitan said...

Yeah, I do tend to post about girlier things lately lol. Have a great new year!

Ada Agupitan said...

Thanks wanny! I love the roses too :)

Ribka Vanessa said...

wow it's beautiful! :) I think I won't be able to do this lol

Ada Agupitan said...

It just takes a little priceless :) It's a pretty useful skill actually and it beats having your hair done for an expensive price at salons x_x

eyahnism said...

I want to try different braid style pero I have permed hair so medyo mahirap kasi pasaway yung hair :) Nice hairstyle! pwede sa prom, wedding!

Ada Agupitan said...

Aww, sayang naman. Nagpaperm rin ako dati pero super loose lang. Di ko rin na maintain so parang wavey na lang buhok ko :P Thanks for dropping by!

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